Composer: Elspeth Brooke

Company: Aldeburgh Music and Royal Opera House

Director: Annabel Arden

Designs and video content: Joanna Parker

Libretto: Jack Underwood

Video and projection design: Dick Straker

Lighting design: Matt Haskins

Sound Design; Peter Malkin

Design associate: Ana Sofia Londono

Set painted by Mark Spink for ROH

Photography: Robert Workman and Steve Cummisky




The approach to the visual score evolved from the original steer given by Elspeth Brooke the composer. “The Commission” was in dialogue with itself as a composition though centred around a narrative and score that was to include live sound and through composed music.  The original painting on the plywood was filmed and was re-played back onto itself during the performance. This unstable surface was layered with imagery of locusts and the filmed bodies of the two main protagonists. Imagery was driven by the score and the poetry written by Jack Underwood.