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Cast: Olwen Fouéré

Writer: Marina Carr

Director: Caitríona McLaughlin

Set and Video Design: Joanna Parker

Costume Design: Catherine Fay

Lighting Design: Sinéad Wallace

Sound Design and Composer: Carl Kennedy

Video Design: Daniel Denton

Movement Director: Sue Mythen

Voice Director: Andrea Ainsworth

"Joanna Parker’s impressive video design (created in collaboration with Daniel Denton) heightens the haunted feeling of the performance.In one arresting confluence of the digital and embodied human figure, Fouéré appears to summon another version of herself from smoke. Parker anchors the digital design with a Beckettian mound of sooty sediment, which disappears midway through, only to reappear as scattered thoughts and ashy footprints later on." — Sara Keating for The Irish Times

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