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This was a “Silent Makropulos Case”. As collaborators, our rules were to have no verbal dialogue while or before we improvised. We listened to a recording of the score over headphones and the improvisation lasted the duration of the recording of the entire score.  This short video edit is created with a view to extending the formal process of this type of improvisation as a new form of real time composition rather than as a particular reading of Janacek’s score.


Conceived of by Joanna Parker and Pete Gomes in collaboration with Aldona Cunningham.

Film: Pete Gomes

Film edited by Joanna Parker and Pete Gomes





This work developed in rehearsal and through a visual dialogue with kate flatt that included extensive use drawing prior to the development of the physical language in rehearsal. The guiding scenographic principle was rotation. The Monochrome illustrations and video documentation evolved post-rehearsal process and performance. They are new forms of artefact that exist in parallel to the original stimuli.


Choreographer: Kate Flatt


Designs : Joanna Parker

Video design: Ian Galloway

Design assistant: Ana-Sofia Londono


Video documentation direction: Joanna Parker

Illustrations and video design: Ana-Sofia Londono and Joanna Parker







Thousands of bits of old model were borrowed from a range of performance designers all over London. These borrowed pieces were installed in a lit space without the usual modeled frames of theatre architecture. As a collection exhibited for an invited audience they created a space for humour and wonder at their 1: 25 delicacy.  Released from the constraints of an imagined production they could be recycled to perform new spaces by participants whose playful re-imaginings could be fleeting and spontaneous. 


Joanna Parker and Aldona Cunningham



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